My friend's guy likes me- what should I do?

A couple of months ago my friend met this guy online. He is the same as age as us (17). They were practically perfect for one another, then one day he started talking to me! For awhile we would have awkwardly silent conversations then we started having fun conversation and we have really gotten to know one another. One day he randomly told my friend he liked me more and even though she won't admit it she is jealous and bitter. So I tried to stop talking to him, but I'm finding that I'm falling for him. So now the big problem is having feeling for him and dealing with not wanting to hurt my best friend, but also he lives really far away. What should I do? Does he really like me?


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  • Damn, you got yourself some official teenage drama. Times like this I am glad my folks sent me off to military school.

    First off, let's pick the obvious situation that if he really is far away it's going to be tough. I speak from experience since I tried the long distance thing while I was stationed in Spain and my girl was in Florida. Lasted like a month.

    Also, never gamble a friendship over a potential date. It's safe to say that he isn't the one you are going to marry since ya'll are only 17. I had a tough enough time at that age picking a college let alone who I wanted to date. Don't ruin a friend over a some random dude. I've taken bullets for buddies and I'd never screw them over for a gal.

    From my point of view it seems he is playing you both and doing well. She isn't mad at him and you are falling for him as well. So now you have tension between your friend and he is getting the best of both worlds. Don't let him win the battle! Take him out of the equation and he looses. Simple as that. He's just doing what is best for him and it doesn't seem to benefit either of you.


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  • He sounds unworthy of your attention. Kick him to the curb, and tell your friend to do the same. You can do better than a bastard that would say something as nasty as "I like your friend more than you". Seriously. It'll only end with your being hurt, and you'll damage your friendship at the same time.


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