Aggressive girl from work... need advice?

So a gal at work asked to go out/hangout. Thats fine and dandy, but im not into the co-workers thing, already tried it and it failed terribly. I gave her my number so we could chat/text and becomes friends and get a little comfortable. Now she's very insistent on coyly asking when ill take her out or always pushing for a date to go out. One day, she asked me about the date and i asked her when she was free. She replied back 2 hour later asking if i could cover a 12 hour shift for her...

i basically said no, i don't want to be coworkers and date at the same time due to a bad experience in the past. We may work at the same place, but we work different days and different shifts, and i blatantly said that i keep personal and work apart and i wanted to be treated as a date if your this aggressive about it, and not as a coworker that can "pick up shifts" for you.

She played the victim card and said i wouldn't pick up the shift because i was holding a grudge against an old gf and was conveying on her.

What do i do, just back away from the situation and just be friends?

thanks for the info guys/gals. Yeh i can't believe i said no, and she turns around to play a victim card due to my morals and how i operate. especially after telling that i keep shit separated, she told me that "she doesn't like the way i think"


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  • Welcome to corporate life.
    I don't know where you work, but take it as a rule: in a company, there are no friends. Some look like friends, yes. Everyone is smiling and working to get his job done, eventually take the honors for what another did... or/and waiting for the other to get his heart attack first, to steal his job. Flirting takes time. Time is money. The company's money.
    Smile and be polite, do your job. The company pays you (and her!) to do your job, not to flirt with co-workers.

    Don't EVER dip your pen in company ink. Or buy the engagement ring first. (Or become the CEO and fire her after sex)
    If you want friends, get them elsewhere, if you want a date, find her elsewhere. An aggressive girl? Ignore her, keep smiling all the time.


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  • some girls aren't stated what they got, she's one, she's so immature, she should understand that!
    you'd better be friends with her, that's it, that girl will ask for more things she's a greedy and never satisfied if she finds out how to makes sunny days turn into a rainy she'll do it! be aware

  • Seems to me like she wants to get close to you for her convenience.


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  • my advice, when it comes to the workplace, friends is always better. I wouldn't ever date 1 of my coworkers:P EVER haha.

    • You just haven't found a hottie working with you just yet ;)

    • well yeah if Taylor Swift started working here then fuuuuudgeee!!! hahahaha

    • xPoison: the best hotties work in the company nextdoors, not in yours.