Why do I do it? Why can't I be selfish?

Every time I like a girl, one of my friends seems to always like the girl too and being the good friend that I am, I back off and let my friend pursue and sometimes they fail and sometimes they're successful and I just wish I could be selfish and put myself forward for a change.

A prime example of this is a girl I've known for four years, we've always had chemistry, we've always been attracted to each other, but she had a boyfriend, so I kept my distance. Well along comes this guy a year or so ago and he becomes good friends with me and the girl, he confesses to me that he likes this girl, so I decide to let him go for it and he's been successful or so it seems, but deep down I know this girl wanted me because she said so herself, but I couldn't do anything about it because it would just cause drama and headaches.

Guys do you find yourselves in a similar situation and what would you advise? That I be a bit more selfish and go for it, rather than back down because a friend or an acquaintance might like the same girls that I do?


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  • Someday you will find a girl that is good for you that is yours and yours alone. I believe that what you did for your friends will pay off for you in the end.

    • I hope so because it's starting to get me down.

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