So, what does "making out" for you mean? Sort of wondering if I went too far with this fellow?

Hey everyone! Question is stated above. One of my recent experiences/adventures with this one guy i'm recently dating got a little steamy. He's the gentleman i've never encountered in my life. Then again, I am still on 22 but, dating times have changed. He brings me flowers, etcc etc.. old school anyway. We've been seeing each other for 1 month now and well this past weekend, we made out but we sort of had oral sex too. I only let it go that far. We haven't hit home base yet lol. Thoughts? Thank you =]


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  • Making out is kissing and fondling. Some people use the term hooking up for this, but I consider hooking up, to be more about casual sex. I don't think there are really any cut and dry definitions for any of these words though.


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  • Making out, "first base", French kissing, all describe open mouth kissing with tongue.

    "Second base" is using your hands generally above the waist.

    "Third base" is anything oral doesn't matter if one or both parties orgasm.

    "Home run" is sexual intercourse. It doesn't matter if it's anal or vaginal.


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  • For me making out means JUST kissing for an extended period, anything else is something else.