What happened did he like me or not? guys what do you think?

i got a friend request on Facebook from a this guy. we have mutual friends. he is good looking so i thought i don't mind seeing that in my news feed. he messaged me and introduced himself said he thought i was cute by my profile pic. after a little messaging back and forth he asked for my number. he called we chatted a few minutes about our mutual friends and stuff. he text me the next day to say good morning. then called again that night and asked me out. i was hesitant because my self esteem is pretty shot after the relationship i just got out of. i was afraid he wouldn't find me as pretty in person. but he seemed nice. said we could just meet at the theater, no pressure no reason to be nervous just meet then go watch a movie together. so i agreed. we met a little early before the movie started to meet and chat a few minutes., it was hot out so he said get in my truck we will talk in the air conditioning. anyway after only a few minutes of talking he said there's more fun things to do than watch a movie. he said we'll go have us a drink. i thought ok restaurant that's still a public place. but no we went to the liquor store. and then the grocery store. for cups and ice. and snacks. i ended up in some remote cabin in the woods.. i was a bit terrified. i was texting my friend randomly when i could to let her know my whereabouts if i came up missing. ha! . anyway we sat on his tailgate drinking and talking for a bit. next thing i know he is kissing me. hand rubbing up my leg. said if the rum didn't make me hot that he would.. so my innocent movie date turned into him trying for a hookup. i was not prepared for that. lol. anyway he did not get what he wanted. but we did kiss for a bit.., so my mind is saying he must have thought i was cute or he would not be kissing me. my shot self esteem is saying he did not want to be seen with me in public so he took me to a private place and he had to drink to be able to tolerate looking at me.. which do you think is likely?


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  • Whether it be Facebook or Tinder or another social media medium, there are always guys wanting chat to girls, want to meet up somewhere for a coffee/movie and it end up near enough cancelling the plans and wanting to get laid instead. You made him wait though, so you should be proud of that at least.

    I think it's less likely he doesn't want to be seen with you and more that he wanted to get you into bed. The proof in the pudding is if he still wants to see you after the 5th/10th/20th date (whatever you're comfortable with) where he still hasn't got his way.

    Time will tell with this guy but I'd make him wait until you know a bit more about him and what kind of guy he really is before you make your mind up about him.

    Hope that helps :)


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