Is my date losing interest in me? We have been dating for three weeks so far?

The first two weeks my date was really interested in me because he would tell me that he doesn't want to leave my side and that he really likes me. He told his brothers about me and that he is happy. We would talk almost every day on the phone and text constantly. However, this current week, he has been texting less. We have been on three dates so far and he has always said that he enjoys my company but now I noticed that he texts less. He started school this week and also is working more hours. I don't want to lose him and his interest. Do you think he is losing interest?

If only I had the beauty to keep you, I would want nothing else. But if its over, your words will always be in my heart although it was all a lie. bye...
Ok so he just text right now saying that he missed me a lot :)

He is so random at times


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  • Well from my experience, it's a strenuous effort to text very often and to continuously display feelings of affection. My inclination is to say he still likes you, but he's also got to take care of work or school etc. On the other hand, he can be testing you, to see if you easily get jealous. The third possibility is that you're giving him too much attention and he's having thoughts of doubt, which may mean that you should give him his space, show interest when it's needed and also show that you're not afraid to leave his side.

    • Ok thanks, I do really like him so I don't want to mess up. So do you suggest not to do anything at this point?

    • Just deal with him normally at work; at work he's your colleague. Outside of work - you can be as romantic as you want. Remember, if something happens and emotions are high, neither of you are going to be comfortable seeing each other day after day under the same roof. He's just too cowardly to tell you that in your face. (I hope I wasn't being too harsh.)

  • I'll be honest, it's hard to say without being closer to the situation but what I do know is that there's always an initial period where you both text like crazy, which tends to slope off a little as things go on. I personally hate texting, it takes me forever and I'm a bit a grammar Nazi so re-check the whole thing 2 or 3 times before sending, it's laborious.

    Try asking him questions about his interests and then suggest something fun or goofy that you can both enjoy doing together on your next date. That way you'll be making fun memories and have loads to talk about.

    The more you worry about it the more it will get you and he may pick up on that. He may be sat there right now thinking the same thing. Take your time, make it fun and enjoy the dating experience. One thing I do know is a guy like a girl that makes him smile.

    Hope that helps. :)

    • Ok so I should not worry too much? He just started texting less yesterday and today..

    • I would try not to (easier said than done I know) as it's only going to stress you out and whatever will be, will be, regardless of how much you worry about it.

      If it's something you can't help but worry about, ask him if he's OK and see if there's anything you can do to help. You never know he might be having a few problems over the last couple of days and that's the reason.

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