Going on a date with my ex boyfriend?

So ex and I haven't had the best relationship since we broke up, (it's been 4 years). It was mostly my fault, I was the typical girl that couldn't let go. But, alas I've done a lot of growing up and got back into contact with him. I sent that "why can't we be friends" song to him and it lead to us joking around and me telling him if that song didn't work I was going to try winning him over with food. Anyway that lead to us making plans on going out and getting some food. I'm super nervous because I haven't hung out with him since the breakup. Do you think this is a good sign?


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  • maybe... but just make sure he is a single dude

    • he is, were friends on about very social media there is. Plus he's not the type to cheat on his gfs

    • ok then its a good sign