Should I keep expressing how I feel to my boyfriend?

Okay, so basically earlier today I told. my boyfriend how I hardly express how I feel to anyone & he said I can express how I feel to him & I felt relieved that I can talk to him without him calling me a "baby" or whatever.
But anyways here's what I told my boyfriend:
Me: Babe, can you not give me short answers when we talk?
Him: I don't give short answers, unless you dont know how to keep a convo I'll give short answers.

Basically when we first met I asked him questions & he gave me a short response (I'm really shy btw) & so I asked him if it was ok if he didn't this time& basically when he said that he meant that I dont know how to keep a convo.
So I said that was he said hurt my feelings & his only response was "im being honest (: "

Should I just stop expressing my feelings towards him? Because it feels like he wouldn't care. . .:/


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  • No express ur feeling just don't complain too much and by keeping a Convo going I think he meant be more open and talk about more stuff he didn't mean to be rude just trying to be more up front with u which is good so just try not to be so shy and don't be too needy


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  • Have you had long, fun, conversations? How long have you been together?

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