I've been avoiding my boyfriend... thanks mother nature?

So i have been dating this guy for about three weeks. I love him to death, but i have been avoiding him.
1) what would we do, we are both broke.
2) i have had emergency babysitting (sister-in-law in labor)
3) its been rainy.
4) i didn't feel well.

The problem is, we are gonna hang out in a few days, but my period is going to happen soon. I get major cramps and i don't want to piss him off again by canceling. Any advice on hiding cramps and a period?


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  • Just don't cancel and put your big girl panties on and just deal with it and tell him what's goin on as far as ur period and stuff he should understand but don't be a bitch a use ur period as an excuse every day of ur life like some girls do and sorry if I'm a bit of I am a guy an dont know what it's like to have a period so.. Hope this helps!

    • This was a great pep talk XD. I don't use my period as an excuse unless it is painful. Thanks for the advice

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  • Guys should understand that this is a natural and recurring process that women go through. What about next month or the months after that? If you two do stay together chances are he'll be around during your period, so don't avoid him just because of that. If there are other reasons as to why you would cancel be up front with him.

    • I don't avoid him because of my period. I have never avoided him on purpose. It's just things get in the way.

  • "I've been dating this guy for about three weeks. I love him to death." Sure you do.

    • Hahaha. Yeah. Dishonest from the start.

    • I actually do. I have known him for several years and we had like each other since. He asked me out and I turned him down because I didn't want to ruien a friend ship. I said yes the last time because I thought we should at least try. I kindly ask you not to judge my love life because it is very rude. Have a nice day :)

  • Take some painkillers. And if he is a good guy then he will understand that you had to cancel.

    • How do i tell him?

    • Sorry that i can't come but i am feelin very sick

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