How to tell a girl that I'm not sure if she's the one yet?

There's this girl that's very proactive in asking me out. I used to have a crush on her and confessed to her way back then, but since that time I got more doubtful about our compatibility. I don't know if she's the best girl for me now, I want to try exploring other options, to try and find true love if it exists.

It's not that she's a bad girl. She's nice, rule-abiding and dutiful, but she's not sweet or feminine and our conversations are kinda hard.

What should I do so that I don't reject her, but drag it on long enough until I've been with her long enough, for me to be satisfied that she's indeed compatible with me?


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  • Dude, how old are you? She's asking you out. That's the whole point of "dating." To have fun and find out if you two are compatible with one another in regard to being in a relationship. She's not asking you to marry her is she?

    • Ah crap you are absolutely right. I don't know why I keep overthinking these things.

      I had a lot of guilt in me because this particular girl doesn't date, ever. So she having chosen to ask me out is a pretty big deal. But now that you put it that way, it's true that dating is a hit and miss. No guarantees for anyone.

      Thanks for clearing up my stupid confusion.

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  • Just bring it up casually. Don't be nervous. She'll be thankful for your honesty really because it's hard to come by anyway.. explain to her how you really feel. And tell her that you still wanna be close but not that close. Depending on what she wants she could take it good or horribly. It'll hurt her in the long run if you don't

    • I see. I'll try to hint to her that we have not so much in common and that I'm not really sure where to go then. Thank you. :)

    • Normally I would never advise against being honest and forthcoming with your feelings. However, that is not the case here. If you are interested in her at all and think there is a legitimate chance that you two could have something, then you owe it to yourself and to her to go on at least one date. If you never go on dates with people you don't end up liking, then you aren't dating correctly. I see it all the time. Guys and girls never giving someone a chance because they don't think it will work. How can you tell that? You never even tried.

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