After I run into my ex with new bf in the street she starts text me?

After i met my ex in a street with new bf and was holding hands when she saw me she took her hand off his shoulders. Now after 2 days she starts text me becose after unfinished bussines. Before she had whole month to sort out some paper work with me. What the hell? She bahaves odd


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  • New boyfriend sounds like a rebound.
    She still likes you and won't admit.
    Don't let her get back with you.
    If she took a month to sort paper work and she didn't, she isn't worth your time.

  • Sounds like she still cares, but is it really worth your time? she's not in your face tryin to make you jealous BUT why does she want to see you now? Maybe she remembers that she might not be as happy in this new relationship as she thought and you are her comfort zone! Be careful with this one!


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