We were on fire! What happened?

Met a guy we hit it off right away we have been on three dates. We both have so much fun we just keep hanging out for the rest of the day. He is a total gentleman. We held hands on our second date and he kissed me on our third that turned into heavy making out. It was the best. We talk Ab our past and get deep. The next day we planned to hang out but it didn't work out. He travels for work and was gone all Tuesday I texted him like three times and snap chatted him he never responded today he said his phone died and now hasn't texted me since and he is back in town. I asked if we could hang out and he hasn't read it yet. Why is he being distant or is he not? I can't figure it out things were going great and now I am totally freaked out. What do I do? Do I confront him or just play it cool. ? Or I don't know advice please? What is this?


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  • wait for a couple of days.. and let him get back to u.


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