I've finished seeing a guy I really like, will he think about me the way I do?

So after seeing a guy for over half a year I told him that it isn't working anymore because he doesn't want to be with me officially and I didn't want to be strung along. His excuse of being too busy didn't seem to make much sense to me because I was still wiling to be with him properly even if I didn;t see him much. As much as I know I've done the right thing to avoid my emotions guessing I still think about him since I told him it was over last week. He did beg for me back the last time I spoke to him but I said there's no point in seeing each other because it makes me feel used. I know he does really like me but he couldn't of liked me that much to commit to me. My question is does he think about me? Does he want to contact me but doesn't because he knows nothings going to change? It just makes me sad its over , I just want to know whether guys think about these things as much as girls?


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  • Bullshit...
    My ex made us official quickly. He was a super busy guy. He tried to find time for us and I made the effort as well.
    Don't take his offer if he begs for you back.

    Eh he probably does but not as much as you.
    He might want you back to use you but won't make it official.

    It depends how much the guy likes the girl. They usually don't. Girls tend to over think more about things than guys.