How can I have lost All interest in woman within the past year? I've considered dating men but can't do it!?

women never gave me a chance so i stopped trying. Women are so boring and vain to me now. I know all women arent, but im always attracted to the wrong person.
(i went out with a hot girl, never was i turned on, years ago i would have died to be with a girl like)


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  • As a dude who has done the things you are considering, i can tell you, it is a mistake.

    I feel like your problem is the fact that you are disconnected with women. You have an emotional expectation from women, that seems reasonable to you, but that is a huge turn- off for women.

    I was disconnected from the spirit of women for most of my life. Only now am I beginning to see the beauty of women, and the fact that I cannot live without one in my life.

    Also, the fact that you are even willing to "switch sides" speaks volumes about you. Would you really date a man? It sounds like you have sexual desires and urges that are a priority, while you are unable, or unwilling to see the flaws, and unreasonable personality traits that exist within you.

    Your heart is utterly closed off. If you would allow the femininity of a good woman to penetrate, and melt your heart, you would never consider aligning your soul with another man's, however effeminate he is.

    For me, it has taken years of painful introspection, and being alone, for nearly twenty years, for me to come to realize just how much women mean to me. The same realization can be yours, but you must want it above all else.

    • I like how you think. I will have to reread this. Good stuff

    • That was beautifully said and I think you are 100% accurate. I feel like most men get angry with women for rejecting them, and then feeling shut down afterwards. Not every girl is the right girl for you, it could be because you aren't what they're looking for (why bother investing time and energy if it's not going to work) so really, you should be glad they saved you the time and trouble, not be angry or sad about it. Shit happens, it always will, just shrug it off.

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  • I understand you've had bad experiences with women but you can't just change your sexuality because of it, unless of course you're attracted to men aswell :)
    You said it yourself, you're attracted to the wrong types of people so that wouldn't necessarily changed whether you went after men or women. Try being around different types of women, women who are usually noticeably vain are the women who have a lot of attention from men and know they can get away with that behavior aswell as being 'boring' and talking about themselves a lot.
    Maybe you just need a break from dating, if you're not getting turned on and not enjoying the feelings you get for people then don't do it. Take a step back, enjoy other parts of life and (I know it sounds cliche) but wait for when the right person shows up :)

    • I like this! You described my last date

  • Same I can say about nowadays men. I been on a proper date last may! Its too much hustle, guy not worth it, wants sex after... its not leading anywhere!

    • Weird how it happens. I wouldn't force sex on the first date. Maybe with a man because men like sex, not with a lady though.

    • men are different.. they might not force on a first.. but on a second that's for sure.. that's why i stopped all this dating bullshit!

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  • More and more men feel the exact same way you do. Men 'checking out' on women is a growing trend. It's often called MGTOW. Although this group is a mix of frustrated 'virgins' that turned to hate and men that got screwed by the system, a lot are like you, simply losing interest.

    But if that's not what you want for yourself, I suggest trying to meet a variety of different women. Not always the same type that ends in vain failure.

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