What to do with overlapping plans?

So, I'm a pretty introverted guy and I'm pretty used to my friends/potential love interests either being insanely late to stuff or flaking on me.
I'm not needy, I'm pretty independent and don't need people around me, but when people want to make plans with me I usually just say yes. I rarely have to worry about time conflicts.

But today I do! I'm meeting a girl for drinks and an hour later have a Skype date planned with a girl back home. Who do I flake on? What do I do?


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  • flake on the drink date because if it's Skype like if that girl is long distance then it would be nice to say hi

    • Didn't take your advice, but I flipped a coin with MH and you won! :)

    • aww I wonder if you hurt her feelings :( sad but thank you.

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  • Which one is more important for you?


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