Does he like me? Or am I buddy?

I met a guy in work and he asked for my number I gave it to him and its been 4 weeks since we've been texting he always texts me first and he has said that he enjoys talking to me. I sent him a picture of me & he said, "cute (:" he has asked to hang out but I dont know if im a texting buddy or if he likes me. Help!!

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  • If he's asking you to hang out he wants to get to know you better. there's only so much you can learn from someone through texts. Also, texting is so impersonal and distant. Have guys talked on the phone? If you feel comfortable hanging out right now maybe instead of texting you can talk on the phone first and see how that goes. I will also say this though if he's asked you multiple times to hang out and you keep turning him down eventually he will move on and you will just be his buddy, so if you like him and you think there's something there i say go for it. Stay Safe. Hope it works out for the best.


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  • I think he likes you. If he asked you to hang out with him then that does mean something. Then again, it could just mean he likes you as a friend. He says he likes talking to you though. Pretty soon, you may have to ask him this question and know for certain how he feels. It doesn't hurt to tell him how you feel as well.

  • He just shows interest on you, but for that only we can't say he likes you or not. I mean he likes you more. That too you didn't mentioned that you like him or not. If you like him wait for sometime, you will come to know.


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