Taking initiative. Is this too much or should I be more subtle?

So, okay, i've been seeing this guy for about two months. We haven't kissed yet, though. The thing is is that i'm still a virgin and i've never kissed a guy. He, on the other hand, is pretty experienced and he's aware of my inexperience. He has just been very respectful and patient. We've only really cuddled and he has kissed my neck a little.

We've talked a little about physical things. He knows it makes me nervous and he's fine with waiting. He said that he just doesn't want to make me uncomfortable and that he feels like i would reject anything he's likely to attempt. I don't know what it is i'm doing to give him that impression...

So, i feel like we are at a standstill. I think I need to take some sort of initiative; to give him some sort of ok.. because it seems that's what he's waiting for? I want him to know that it's okay to take me out if my comfort zone a little. How else are we going to get anywhere? The next time I go to his house I think I'm going to just straddle him. Is that too sexual? I mean, it's not like he'd expect sex or anything because he knows i'm not ready. I wonder if that would make him kiss me lol. I mostly want to see what he would do. He'd definitely be surprised, which is what i'm going for, but is that too much? Is it weird to just randomly get in his lap like that?


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  • Yeah that will work. Straddle him from the top or behind. Grab his arms. Put his hands behind his back. Instant arousal, guaranteed. You could try playful wrestling as well. That could lead to something.


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  • I think this will be really cute and it'll show him that you're confident. I don't think this is weird. If you're gonna straddle him maybe you should kiss him first?

    • Well I don't know, since I've never kissed anyone I'd rather he take the lead on that. I'm just trying to help move things along. Do you think I should go for it and just kiss him?

    • If you're hesitant to kiss him then maybe just tell him "kiss me".

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