I asked a Thai woman to go out with me, but I didn't get a straight answer?

I asked a Thai woman for her phone number and if she would like to go out with me sometime, but she didn't say yes or no. She first told me she shares her phone with a friend, so she doesn't want to give it out, but that I can call her at work. I asked her again if she would like to go out with me sometime, just for clarification, but she said she doesn't know because of her work schedule; she lives in Boston and has two jobs, one in Boston and then one in my city. My city is one hour away.

I know everything she told me is true, but I am just unsure if her reasons where a convenient way to say no. I am used to getting a definite answer from American girls (I am American). I don't know anything about Thai dating etiquette. So, is a lack of a firm answer the same as saying no, or should I keep trying?


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  • It sounds like a no. Or maybe she is unsure. I'm also originally from Malaysia, not quite Thailand but I think we have similar customs. If I liked a guy, and he asked me out, but my work schedule was busy, I would look at my schedule and find a time that was free, and then tell him when I was free. I wouldn't use it as an excuse.

    But on the other hand, being in a big city with people you don't know is scary. She shares a phone with a friend, which kinda indicates she isn't really settled yet. She's still finding her bearings. So she is just unsure about dating because she doesn't have the rest of her life sorted out. That's an assumption though.

    I think for now you should keep trying until you get a stern no, or if she starts ignoring you.


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  • It sounds like a no to me. If she wanted to, then she wouldn't say that she doesn't know. She could be shy or something, but her work scheduled sounds like an excuse. You could try calling her at work and see if she finds an excuse to get off of the phone quickly. You could also ask her to call you, and if she doesn't then you know she isn't interested.


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  • She is either playing hard to get or genuinely busy. I doubt she is not interested in you - if she wasn't - she would probably say something about how she is seeing somebody else or not interested in a relationship right now.


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