Does she wanna drive me crazy? Mixed Signals?

I am a guy,
I befriended her long ago through a common male friend, I`ve made her clear that I like her a lot, and she`s not gived me no clear cut answer, she just said the Old "she wasn`t looking for a relationship right now", at the same time she is Very friendly towards me, When we met she sits next to me even rubbing our arms last time, she has offered to make me dinner as I am staying at my uncle`s place (I am alone now)

last year i tried to kiss her and she moved away, but didn´t got angry or anything, just evaded me, I slowly pull back, and almost didn´t call her, but I care about her and she knows it, she's a little shy and not flirty, thing is when we met with friends she comes and sits next to me, and I have seem she doesn`t pay the same attention to other people and the attention and interest is more "social" towards them. What really drives me crazy is that I have the feeling that I like her but she doesn`t admit it or something. Is absurd the fact that she gaves me many signals and at the same time she denies she does. is this a matter of aproach myself more?, trying to kiss her again? (I didn´t wanted to ruin the friendship the last time so I was careful) I feel like she has me in the back burner, and if I don´t do something I might stay in there forever,(she´s very picky).

And if I talk to her again I feel I would come off as wussy, I feel like I am in the friendzone, but I am not, because she doesn´t talk to me about any guy she likes, or shows interest in other guys in front of me, so what is this : the no-zone? Should I talk to her again or something? I am well adjusted socially, not too ugly, caring, and I really have a huge crush on her, we connect really well, she´s constantly laughing with me, and we are like minded. so what´s missing? Ladies, be honest, you know your codes, so what´s this?

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  • You need to ask her that even though she's not looking for a relationship, how does she feel about you? And you need to tell her that you feel like she's giving you mixed signals.

    • I feel like talking is gonna crash with her, unless she´s changed her mind now, but I have no way to find out that, a few days ago she grabbed my smartphone and was cheking it, (she doesn´t owns a smartphone) and she says: oh take it, in case you have a " loved one" in there, maybe it was to find out, or to see if I was moving on? :P

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    • we are friends we can talk on the phone anytime, but now I just call her once in a while, and sometimes she calls me, she recently told me lately I was too "special" for not contacting more, going out, etc.

    • You should tell her how she's coming across

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