MEN! Especially divorced men! Lol I need your help!?

I know of a guy who is divorced. I wanna say it's been a couple years now. The girl did him wrong, BAD from what I hear. Welp, I'm kinda interested in him. I'm pretty sure he knows this already. He's like 10 years older than I am, but that's not an issue from my perspective. I sent him a Facebook message telling him I thought he was good looking (terrible move, I'm aware, but I was drunk). He read the message and then never answered it. Then I saw him out at a restaurant one night (after the FB message), and he waved. We actually were sitting pretty close by the bar so he offered to buy me a beer. We talked over that one beer and then he left. I haven't heard from him since. But, I really want to. I know one of our mutual friends says that he hasn't been on any dates since the divorce. What can I do men? Or have I already done enough? LOL



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  • Ask him out on a date whats the worst thing that could happen he says no so just ask at least then he will know how you feel plus he's probably a bit rusty and shy given the amount of time that has past


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  • It looks like he isn't interested in dating you. Why? IDK. Because he wants to be alone? Because he's only interested in an ONS every now and then? Or did something you said remind him of his ex?~?

    • From what I hear, he likes to do his own thing and our mutual friends tell me that the girl really hurt him. So I don't know if he's just "scared" or what the issue is. If I said something that reminded him of his ex I didn't knowingly do that. I don't know his ex.

  • Send him another message that says "You're mine. I want you."
    See how it works. You've got nothing to lose.


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