"it's different between us" what does this mean? in regards to her friends and i?

-Met a girl from online 3 weeks ago (knew her for 2 months however). We hit it off amazing
-Later on into our "Dating", her severe depression and alcoholism starts acting up, causing her to react extremely strange to little stuff
-She told me she wants to stay single for awhile untill she feels she's stable. She is currently taking meds and getting professional help

Anyway one day she was crying to me on the phone about how her "so called friends" never hit her up or ask her to hang out.

I told her "Uh, i always ask you to hang out" and she said "It's different between us"

what does she mean by this? i regret not asking her what she meant back then. Only thing I can think of, is me and her are "Dating" (at least thats what I think, not 100% sure tho)

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  • I think she just means that you're not like her friends. So yeah you're different from her friends because you dated.

    • Well we didn't "Date" so to speak, we just "Talked" if you know what i mean. we still are, i think, based off what she said about the whole "we're different"

    • Oh yeah that still pretty much stands :)

  • You two have history, and she likes you, she's just not in a good place right now. I would say not to wait around for her, because you never know how long it'll take her to get right or how she'll feel once it's happened.

    • she barely hangs out with me which is annoying. we're almost on 3 months of "knowing" eachother, it took us almost 2 months to hang out for the first time, and now it's almost 2 1/2 months and it's still hard to hang out with her for a SECOND time. any reason why?

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    • i posted another question just as you replied, below VV

    • It takes a *long* time to recover from substance abuse and depression. If she fails in her recovery, you'll find yourself nursing an unhealthy girl. You may end up enabling her without meaning to. You may actually hurt her chances of recovery without meaning to.

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