I really REALLY need a man's opinion on this?

I want to ask a guy I know "of" out. I never actually introduced myself but we know of each other and we are friends on Facebook. I have been crushing on him for almost a year now. We have several mutual friends who always tell him about me and how we should date because have so much in common. According to our friends, he never says "no, I'm not interested". But he never makes a move either. Would I look crazy for being the one to ask him out? And if I wouldn't, what do I say to someone I really don't know?


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  • I think it's be best to just talk to him first, if a girl asked me out out of no where it'd be a bit weird, get to know him a bit more before asking him out, who knows he might ask you out first.

    Ps: there is nothing wrong with girls asking guys out


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  • instead of asking him out, give him the opportunity to ask you out.

    • BUT he doesn't! It's been almost a year. Like I said, he never shoots the idea down but he doesn't make a move either. From what I hear, he's shy. I don't know if that matters or not. Lol

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    • I appreciate all of this. So what's my opening line? Let me see an example. LOL

    • ok since he likes motorcross dirt bikes, after you initiated conversation be all like "so how long have you been riding dirt bikes?" and then you can carry it on to like "yeah I really wanna ride on the back of your bike!" you know you can get flirty to that point.

  • If he doesn't know who you are at all then i would suggest to not do it. This girl in one of my class gave me her number via email and i found it to be a little weird (i didn't know who she was). I was definitely flattered though.

    Some of the stuff she said was a little weird.

  • Not in my book. More girls doing the asking out would be nice so it would not be expected of either gender to always do it.


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