Why does my dad get mad when I introduce him to a boyfriend but he introduces me to random women? Please help?

So i'm 17 and my mom passed away barely a year ago. Anyways, my dad is already bringing all these random women into OUR home and i have no idea who they are or know anything about them! I can't even remember which one is which because he forces so many onto me! I rarely introduce him to guys that i meet. I'm the teenager aren't I the one to be dating around? My dad is 62! When I tell my dad a guy wants to take me out that I know he gets all mean and asks me with attitude why? What are you guys gonna do? Then when he meets the guy he's a complete dick to him for no reason at all and my boyfriend is really sweet.. My dad pays more attention to these women then he does to me! Why is this? Why can't I date and he can?


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  • Personally, that's bad parenting to introduce casual dates to someone so young. That can actually damage children psychologically.

    Secondly, I think it's hypocritical.

    • he's a huge hypocrite

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  • You're his little girl (in his eyes) and also all he has left of your mother (sorry for your loss)

    also he probably is expecting boys only want to have sex with you at that age. for the most part true

  • He is being a bit selfish, but he is probably still grieving, try talk to him about bringing all these women home. As for you introducing him to your boyfriend, he's just being a father, looking out for you, scaring him a bit so he knows that if he breaks your heart he has your dad to deal with.

    Honestly just talk to him about everything, spend time with your dad, you both probably need each other after what you have gone through. You both need to remember that family is everything


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