If I really liked him, shouldn't I have felt something?

ok so we had a movie date at his house and at the end, he went to kiss me goodbye and i full on jump flinched and he just gave me a polite kiss on the cheek instead. the thing is, i didn't feel anything when he did that. i didn't blush or anything. does this mean i dont like him?

should i let him go or should i ask him to slow down?


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  • You could just not be ready for kissing yet. Nothing wrong with that.

    • yeah i mean this is gonna sound weird (but it makes sense when you know i haven't had my first kiss) the idea of kissing seems romatic and great but then the actual action just seems gross and weird i mean if you think about it, you are putting the holes you use to each up against each others and then mushing them around like your trying to eat each others mouths

    • hahaha that is such a funny way to think about it. When you are ready you will understand the fuss. I know my first kiss I was like this is so overrated and then I kissed my current boyfriend and it all made sense. :)

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  • not necessarily, you might like him but you're not used to him ya know? so you're not used to physical touching or kissing, so give it some time before you decide you dont like him, but dont lead him on

  • Oh if you liked him you would have felt it big time. Like in your stomach you wouldn't be able to stop smiling. So happy. Seriously