What does my ex-boyfriend mean?

After I sent a letter agreeing with the breakup (I ended things with him because he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship with me anymore), he messages me exactly 3 weeks later saying he regrets it and it makes him want to get back together.
After he said that, I said: (Over text)
Me: *Daniel...
Daniel: I know I know, you've moved on
Daniel: I just wanted to say that
Me: I still do want a relationship with you, but I need to focus on myself. I want to take things slow. I'd like to start out as friends first.
Daniel: lol okay, I will respect your decision
Me: But I want things to happen naturally. Whatever happens, happens.
Daniel: But for now, I'll respect your decision and we can be friends again.
Fast forward...>>> a couple days later
*I'm at the lake*
Daniel: What are you doing at the lake?
Me: *Explains stuff I'm doing.*
Daniel: I'm going to cut through the bullsh*t. I'm horned up right now and want to undress you with my teeth.
Me: Is this Daniel? Or Ryan? (Ryan is his friend.)
Daniel: It's Daniel & I am dead serious.
Me: What happened to you? You were never like this.

Fast forward, he told me how Ryan influenced him after our breakup, making him actually wanting to have sex. I told him I needed commitment, and I was confused as to why he was this way (he's a good guy. Never wanted/pressured me into sex b4.) His friends + Ryan have been pressuring him to have sex (we're both virgins). I understand his pressure, but really? I told him please, I beg you not to lead me on. Daniel (ex) said he's not trying to lead me on, he still likes me, but is unsure of his feelings and wants to hopefully strength them & said i dont just want u just for sex, but my friends have been pressuring me. I told him I need commitment first and he said: "Lets have some fun and see where things go." What does this mean?

I know I definitely see red flags, but should I just carry-out (meaning, hang out with him) just to test him to see if he'll wait?
We are each others first loves, but, I know that doesn't make it any better for him to use me. I'm not letting him.


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  • You need to stop contacting this guy. He is immature and I would hope you would see this.

    • I figured. But, things weren't this way before he got pressured by his friends.

      My plan was to meet up with him (like he wanted), and tell him to wait until I'm ready. If he leaves and gives up on me, I know his true intentions and I had nothing to lose.

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    • I think what you are doing is sensible. IT is nice to give him a second chance, but these type of actions WARN RED RED RED RED FLAGS ALERT ALERT ALERT DANGER AHEAD

    • You want a guy who lets his friends control him? IT is up to you, but that is my opinion I got carried away =) sorry but I have experienced this type of inconsistent weak behavior and I ignored it. I agree just be friends with him. But I am not impressed the least bit with your ex.

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