Should I stop contacting this girl?

His girl I used to work with and I are friends. She has a boyfriend but I'm pretty sure she likes me. She's hot and we email
Chat all the time. When we worked together she was the first to email me and we'd talk quite a bit. Now that I've left it's mostly me starting it off email chats but she will go back and forth with me for a couple days and always has lots of smiley faces for me in her emails. The thing is she will just cut it off and like stop responding back at a certain point usually. Like if I feel getting somewhere with her shell stop which sucks bc she's hot. She mentioned something about doing lunch awhile back with a mutual friend. We never went, but in recently asked her to go with a mutual fiend and she said ok then cancelled. Don't know what to think? What should I do?


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  • First off I am going to say this because I am a woman and I think its relevant. So what if she is hott, there are most likely plenty of other things about her that are worth pining over. I only say this because you probably don't even like her, you just think she is hott and you enjoy the fact that she is hard to get because she has a boyfriend. Guys usually want what they cannot have. My advice as a female would be to not pursue her at all, and drop all contact with her. Let her come to you. If she actually likes you she will pursue you, just like you have been pursuing her. If you stop communication and she messages you on the regular, then she may be in to you. At that time I'd do the responsible thing and ask her if she has feelings for you, and if she says no then respect it and if she says yes, then you have an entirely new problem on how you move forward. She probably stops talking to you because you A) can't keep the conversation platonic, or B) she feels bad for talking to you because she likes you.


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  • Definitely stop contacting her. SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I'd rather be honest. If she liked you so much, she would have already left her boyfriend for you. Besides, why would you want to associate yourself with a girl that flirts with a guy behind his back? If you were in a relationship with her, she would have done the same to you.

    JUST because a girl is considered 'hot', does not make her girlfriend material. There's more to a girl than that.
    Just because a girl uses a lot of smileys does NOT mean she likes you.

    Good luck...

    • Ok whoa! :) did I say I wanted to be girlfriend boyfriend with her? No :)

      I'm just like in my head I feel like her boyfriend would be pissed if he knew. She doesn't go the extra mike with me but she sure chats with me when I talk to her. Does t that mean something? :)

    • Funny how some guys think girls are more interested in them than she actually is.
      Sounds like she's trying to be FRIENDLY.
      I don't know much about her personality.

      Is she chatty? Flirty? What is she like in other words (personality-wise)?

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  • The fact that she has a boyfriend and is trying to hook up with you is a bad sign to begin with. Let's say for example that she does like you and you two get together. What makes you think that she won't do the same thing to you? I personally don't like where this is going.

    • I never said she was trying to hook up with me though. I'd like to hook up with her and don't care about girl friend material :)

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    • I can say I definitely agree! I'm a girl and if a guy were to do that, it just shows what type of person they truly are. Even IF you don't want a relationship with her, I'm sure you're interested in her, right? Why would you want to get caught up with her?

      There are better girls are there that will give you the undivided attention you desire who are SINGLE. Just saying.
      Anyways, this comment hit the nail on the spot.

    • thank you jennifer, I think she's just pulling you along like a puppet on string. Making herself feel better at your expense. Try to save face and cut her loose.