Should I pull back from him or am I just over analyzing?

I've known Heath 3-4 years we talked every once and a while through the years but nothing serious until about a month ago. We've been talking and hanging out almost every day literally until he went in the field in georgia for the army for two weeks after we were talking for a week so we've been hanging out and talking for about a month.

He reminds me I'm not his girlfriend & I reply I know. I've met all his friends roomates brother, his close gay friends, his ex girlfriend he takes me everywhere walmart, eating, I even drove his car back from a hour and a half trip which he should trust me now I drove his pride n joy cadillac. He told me he never stopped thinking about me for 3 years I was in the back of his head & he would hit me up every now and then online but I wouldn't give in. I blew him off at the very beginning years ago twice & now he is back! I also think I should pulle back b. c I'm beyond terrified to tell him about my past I got into legal trouble at 19

I would never ever be so stupid again to do what I did I am now a licensed cosmetologist have a good career with it, a car, I try to take care of myself physically and mentally. I've changed but he says people dont change so I'm hesitant to tell him ;-/ He is soooo into me he kept finding me but some things he says confuses me like "your not my girlfriend" which I know I'm not but it makes me think oh you don't want me to be but yet He was upset with me when the Sargent called girlfriends & wives to go into the deployment briefing room & I didn't want to go (me being realistic) HELP!!!


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  • Too much up in the air here.
    Your past, and not feeling comfortable telling him about it;
    his belief that people don't change...

    He may be into you because you played hard to get.
    Once he has you, he may back off. It happens a lot.
    He just may give you the rush, then drop you.

    Three 'may's in those three sentences. That's because people are different and it may work out.
    But, be careful.


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