Making a date - is he just waiting for a better plan to come along?

Hey! Okay so a guy I've been talking to for a while, we've wanted to go out but our schexules haven't worked. Finally this Friday he said he's in town- though only getting home from airport at 10pm. Invited me over.

We made this plan a week ago. So I wanted to confirm - so that If it wasn't going to work I could make other plans. Texted him saying I hope his trip is going well and is he still in for Friday.. No reply. And it's whatsapp so I can see he's been on every hour or two.

What message should I take from this?

  • He's flaking and not interested
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  • He's genuinely busy with his trip
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  • He's stringing me along purposely
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  • I can't read his mind but I would make other plans. if u gave him 2 days and he hasn't responded then he probly isn't that interested and trying to hold out for more options. don't waste ur time waiting on him


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want to commit to going out, and is being immature about telling you.
    I wouldn't wait around. Make plans and let him know since he wouldn't confirm with you, you decided to make plans and you hope you two can get together the next time schedules permit.

  • I would make other plans, especially since it's a Friday night you're talking about.

    • Yeah that was my reaction.. Except that I actually really want to go out haha. But thanks

  • Did Whatsapp confirm that he read the message?

    • I don't believe you can know if they've read it on whatsapp. Just that they've been on the app at that time

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    • Yeah. He's ignoring you. But see if he still respects the meeting for Friday. If not. Screw him. Figuratively of course.

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