Do crushes have a lot to do with personality?

Are there times where attraction or flirting takes a long time to develop after first meeting each other?

I remember like a year ago in my political science class, I used to be confident and outspoken, answering lots of questions and by the 4th week of class I saw a tall slim Hispanic girl staring at me anxiously. Even when I wasn't showing signs of interest, she wanted to hug me before I left on the last day.

Also, does a similarity of interests such as music, food, etc also spark attraction?

I'm sorry if I wasn't that coherent. I was making a distinction between love-at-first-sight and love after friendship.


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  • I can't even develop a "crush" on someone until I've talked to them. I've also never let looks justify shitty behavior. Seeing someone's true colors can take a long time, so I always proceed with caution, while simultaneously making sure I'm putting myself out there.

    Tl;Dr: Yes.


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  • Well it depends. Like if you talk to this person more than you see them than yes.
    And sometimes, it more of the fact that if your physically attracted to them plus the personality.
    Along with what you like most about this person.
    Sometimes it also depends on the situation/environment.

  • Similarities help with getting along faster, but they are not a most, and yes it's ok if it took a long time but keep in mind that girls usually wait for the guy to do the first move


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