Do you usually focus more on your schoolwork during Finals?

I decided to leave my GF of 2 months alone for a few days as she completes her finals. If I text her, I know she'll answer.
I haven't received any texts from her though (her initiating texts) in the past couple days, so it sometimes worries me, but I figure she has a lot on her plate.
She doesn't often text me first anyway, so maybe I'm expecting her to do something that she doesn't normally do.

Do you usually go quiet during Finals?
Am I simply getting worked up over nothing?


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  • You're probably getting worked up over nothing. I typically get quiet and antisocial during finals, and my boyfriend has never had a problem with it. Did you explain to her why you weren't texting? That could be why; perhaps, she thinks you're angry?

    • I told her a couple days ago that I'd try not to bug her as she's busy. I just hope she didn't misinterpret it given that I didn't specifically separate that from the rest of the wall of text.

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  • People do concentrate more come finals time.
    Especially procrastinators.

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