How long do most people wait from the time they meet someone, to where you express your feelings?

So if you start seeing someone new and it seems to be going well, how many dates do you go on before you tell the other person you really like them? I would assume they figure you like them or you wouldn't keep seeing them, but I was just curious what people's opinions are about coming out and verbally sharing your feelings? Like " I just wanted you to know I really like spending time with you." or "I have feelings for you what are your thoughts about what is going on?" Something like that.


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  • I won't necessarily say "I like you" but I will definitely say that "I enjoy our dates" or "I think you are tons of fun."

    • Ok at what point? I mean I would say I enjoy our dates or our time together probably after the second or maybe even the first date. I'm a pretty straightforward person though. Do you think that freaks girls out? I'm not saying I'm in love with them or anything like that, but if I'm interested I let it be known. Do you think that is the wrong thing to do?

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    • Not excessive at all. The guy I'm seeing rarely contacts me between dates and I really was starting to get bummed out about it. Thought he didn't like me. Turns out he really does but isn't a big texter and is extremely busy with work.

    • Yeah but my situation is a little less straightforward. This girl was seeing another guy that she was really into and then they took a break and she met me. We went out a few times and then she backed off for a couple weeks. Then last weekend we spent the whole weekend together albeit with a group of friends (we have a similar circle of friends) and was getting very friendly with me. Then right before she left she told me she wants to hang out when she gets back and she wished we could before she left but there wasn't any time. So I just don't want to go overboard because I think she's just getting back to where she might like to see me instead, but I'm not sure. Sorry, lot of info, but that's why I'm proceeding with caution.

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