I dated a girl a couple of times and things went well and after she has come back from a trip for a couple of weeks, I'm not sure what I can do next?

I met this girl and we went on a couple of dates. This was about a month ago. The dates seemed to go well, we kissed on the first date and 2nd base/holding hands on the second date. That was approximately within the period of about 9 days. After that she was preparing for and then went on a trip and that was about a 14 day period during which we didn't text back and forth. (I've been clingy in a relationship before so I wanted to give her her space in this) Now that she's back, I texted her and she responded that she had a good trip but nothing about wanting to go on a date so I texted her this morning if she wants to go out again? I haven't heard back from her and she usually responds pretty quickly (like within the day). Also another thing I noticed is that she never initiated texts or dates, I always had to initiate them.

I'm not sure what to go from here because I do like the girl and I think about her a lot but I can't tell if she is playing hard to get, is shy, just doesn't send texts, or isn't interested anymore..

During the dates, we seemed to hit it off pretty well and I would love to get closer to this girl but I already kinda felt like the dating was going slowly and the fact that she never really initiated dates/texts kinda bothered me.

Any suggestions/tips/am I being oblivious to anything?

Update: She texted me back and said she isn't really interested in dating right now... I thought it was going well... I misunderstood the situation I guess.


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  • From what you've provided. I feel you have to be spontaneous, and increase the excitement or get really deep... I'd say surprise her if you know her day to day schedule, call her when you know she's free and say something like "what are you doing? Meet me at (insert place here) now!" then have an itinerary that seems random but you know what's going on. But if she didn't text you back yet steer clear of that and save it for later. If she does text you back then you can do a normal planned date, but make it a really big one like rock climbing or bungee jumping. If not that, go paintball or laser tag (something physical but exciting) For the more deep and emotional connection approach go somewhere you really love to go. She'll love that you included her. Unless your favorite place to go is a library. It has to be somewhere she's not used to going and has a personal connection with you. Good luck

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