Please help. I need some advice?

Ok, so I have a girlfriend that I have been going out with for 3 yrs. So me and this other 16 yr old have been msging on here and I have started to gain feelings for her. Is that bad? please help. She sounds really attractive, but i still love my girlfriend.


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  • Keep talking to her, Maybe she thinks you seem attractive too.


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  • Yes that is bad. Don't be such a douche

    • How am i being a douche?

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    • You asked whether it is bad or not. Iv'e gave you my opinion, that yes it is bad. You need to make your mind up if you want to pursue this girl online and jeopardise your 3 YEAR relationship with your girlfriend, or whether you want to call it a day with this online interest of yours. I don't think you can love your girlfriend that much if you're willing to lose her for a conversation with someone on the internet.

    • Ok... I understand

  • How long have you been talking to the other girl? Is it only on here? Have you seen pictures of her?

    • Yes, I've seen what she looks like and I've known her for 4 days

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    • Ok thanks for the help

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