I like my older brothers best friend but I don't know if I should tell my brother?

I like my older brothers best friend but he sends me mixed signals. He always flirts with me and finds a way to touch me. He always picks on me in a playful way. When we have a conversation he always makes eye contact with me. I don't know if I should tell my brother that I like his best friend. I've liked him for a while now and I'm pretty sure that the feelings are mutual at least I hope...


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  • it sounds like he's somewhat interested but i wouldn't tell your brother just yet. most likely, it will just make him become more defensive of you, which isn't ideal in your case.

    • Do you think if me and him were to get together it would ruin their friendship or cause a conflict between my brother and him or even me?

    • thanks for MH but apologies for not seeing your comment earlier.
      it's hard to say. we don't know anything about your brother and what his reaction will be if you two were to get together.
      everyone is different and will definitely react differently to the situation so i think that you're the best person that can tell what might between any of the 3 of you.
      but to answer your question, yes there's always a possibility that it might ruin something.

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  • Don't tell your bro he could ruin it. Just show a lot of interest in his friend and he might ask you out, he might feel the same way about you but he's kind of worried it might ruin his friendship with your bro

    • Does it seem like he likes me tho?

    • Yes a lot by the way you explained it. He's most likely interested in you.

  • He's probably just flirting but doesn't actually like you. Remember, flirting doesn't actually mean like


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  • Not a good idea. If it doesn't work out him and your brother can lose their friendship

    • Okay I understand what your saying but I also think if they were as good of friends as they say they are then nothing will stop them for still having that friendship.

  • You have literally no reason to tell your brother, don't do it yo!

    • Why do you say that I have no reason to tell my brother? Does it seem like the feelings are mutual?

    • Because why the heck would you tell him? Trust me telling him could do a lot more harm than good, your brother might not be happy with the idea of potentially having to share his best friend with his little sister, he might tease you for it, etc. Anyway your feelings for his best friend have nothing to do with him, and if the feelings AREN'T mututal and your brother tells his best friend, you might wind up being very embarrassed.

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