I have to kiss him , but I don't know how?

So I've been going out with this guy for a little while and the last time we hanged outwhich was a day ago , we held hands for the first time and we full on hugged for the first time , and then before I got out of his car To go back home. He leaned in close to me and said come here and kissed me but it was like a quick peck on my lips, didn't last more than a second or two , and it was kind if awkward because neither his or my lips moved it was like.. bam,, and before I knew it it was over.

So here's is the thing , that was my first kiss. And when we were texting about it he said " well I kissed you /.\ now you have to kiss me/.\ :* <3 "
And I pretty much agreed to it. so omg guys... I haven't had a kiss before... Besides that one. I don't know what to do ,. please help me !!!
Should I just wait for hi mto make the move again and kiss me? And then kiss him back during that kiss?
Or just initiate the next kiss and see how it goes?
*also this would be my second kiss ever and he has experience so I'm scared.

  • let him kiss you next time , and slowly kiss him back during that kiss
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  • you go for it next time and see how it goes
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  • oooh first kisses, my suggestion is to honestly wait until you feel comfortable cuz otherwise it will be really awkward for you. and he will understand if you're not ready. (at least he should). next time he goes in for the kiss honestly just close your eyes, keep your mouth a little open and just go with it. mimic his motions.

    • Thank you! It went really well :)

    • thanks for MH and glad it went well :)

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  • For practice u can use me lol

  • You kiss him with your lips, DUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH.

    • No shit sherlock :o

  • Well he said "now you have to kiss me" not kiss me back when I kiss you. So you need to kiss him first. Since you say your inexperienced then are talking about just, the peck or making out? Those are two totally different things and you need no experience for a peck. Also you dot lean in just invite him in by making eye contact after a hug or look at his lips etc. it's a guys job to lean in for the kiss usually if that helps, it creates a mood so he knows you want to kiss him


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  • Out of nowhere grab him and kiss the shit out of him. He'll be shocked but also love it. A kiss is just a kiss right, its not like your about to have intercourse lol.