Does he like me or not because his saying "will see how it goes" and "I'll see you soon" after the movies?

So i met this guy at a house party and to be honest, we made out when we were sober after talking a lot about our past relationships. It was kind of weird because every time we make out i feel like i shouldn't have.. then I met up with him a few times for coffee, then for dinner but both times I had a purpose meeting him because I felt like his probably not wanting to see me? or maybe he just doesn't type much... well I asked a friend who knew him well and they said his very lay and doesn't reply instantly. Fast forward a month or two after I got back from overseas, he was suppose to be at a big party along with a lot of other guys but he didn't turn up. As I thought that's probably the end of our friendship/relationship thingy... he messaged me and this time with no reason we actually hung out and other times... there was always a purpose. We had a very classy dinner, then went to a chocolate cafe then movies and made out in the movies again.
To be honest Im very confused. I feel like he wants to see me but yet doesn't know how to react to me.
please help


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  • Whenever a guy says "will see how it goes" it is a disclaimer... Someone who is interested, seriously interested would NEVER say we will see how it goes. Be careful...

    • disclaimer what do you mean?

    • disclaimer, a statement, document, or assertion that disclaims responsibility, affiliation, etc.; disavowal; denial.

      I mean it is a way for him to answer in the semi-affirmative while still never saying yes. If a guy is avoiding answering something then his intentions are not true. It's falsehood without having to lie. We will see how it goes is leaving the door open for him to say I never said I liked you or I never said we were dating. I said we will see how it goes.

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