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The guy I've been seeing I like a lot and he likes me to but he has a gf , I no I no I'm wrong but it's happened :( I've told him I do worry for him and he said he likes seeing me and enjoys me and my company and if he was to get caught it wouldn't be my fault but his , then he said if I worry so much and think it's best to end things he's happy to go a long with what makes me happy. I told him ok and bye etc then he said are you sure your happy with this? And that he would miss me and he's gutted :( , how do I cope with this as I don't want to end things? It seems like he doesn't want to either? So confused


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  • Then stop LYING to him. Stop saying you want things to end, if you don't want them to end.
    Stop saying that you think it's best to end things, if that is NOT what you think.

    Because I guarantee you, he is NOT lying when he says he will do what you think is best. If you say Bye, then he will absolutely take it at face value and say BYE, and HE WILL MEAN IT.


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