What qualities does a girl have to have to be relationship worthy?

Guys get friend zoned but girls get "fuck-zoned"- that is where all guys ever want from women is sex but keep talking to them to keep them interested...

What do you look for, for you to consider her "dateable" and what makes fuck zone her?


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  • Dateable for men has a higher standard of attractiveness (which is the opposite of how it is for women, apparently). I reconsidered putting this first, but I actually think its the most important, I will come back to why.

    Dateable he has to enjoy her company in non sexual ways. Fuck-zone he doesn't necessarily need to even like her.

    Faithfulness is more of a factor. For some men, if they feel she is too promiscuous, its a problem. On the flip side, she needs to be more sexually compatible with you - a hook up is worth hooking up with if you share SOME sexual interests, if you're going to be monogamous, you need to be compatible in more ways.

    She probably needs to be able to fit in with the rest of your social group, and you can handle hers.

    the reason I put attractiveness first? Because if they don't get along and just have sex, she's probably not wondering 'why am i stuck in the friends with benefits zone?'. If she's sleeping with 5 guys, she's probably not wondering why she's in the friends with benefits zone. If she doesn't like hanging out with him, she's probably not wondering why she's in the friends with benefits zone. If she likes him, enjoys his company, they get along great, no fighting, sex is good, and she's wondering what's wrong? Probably he thinks he can do better. She's good enough to hang out with and fuck right now, but he's not willing to agree to not fucking someone else because he thinks he can get someone hotter.

    It's possible for some guys that it doesn't matter how hot she is, because he's getting laid a lot and wouldn't commit to anyone, period.

    • Gheez. This just makes me hate men haha. But I can see your points and thanks for being so blunt and honest.
      I just wish guys could just tell you, "I don't want anything serious" 😒

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    • I get you :)
      Thanks for the great answer (s) man!
      You should seriously consider putting it all in a book or work at on a magazine/ online for advice/ insight of men/ relationships. Haha.
      No joke tho, I really appreciate it.

    • Glad it helps. Try not to feel hate ;) TBH, the way women view men can be quite traumatizing for men too, and the way men and women feel love for one another is NOT the same. And that can make the other's seem 'fake'. But its not. We have to accept it as it is.

      There are some guys on this site ranting -right now- about all the things men have to have to be relationship worthy that women don't have to have, and how it makes them feel like walking bank machines, not human beings.

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  • I do not sex zone someone. attractive honest loyal consistent

  • For me it's all about trust, if I trust a girl then I'll want to be with them

  • For one thing, dont be one of those girls who say that men have no right to defend themselves against violent women: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1069748-if-a-girl-slaps-her-boyfriend-does-he-have-a-right-to-slap-her-back

    Going by this poll, over half of women are so disrespectful towards men that no self respecting man would date any of them if she was the last woman on earth.


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  • Relationship:
    similar interests

    Fuck Zone:
    sanity is questionable

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