Were supposedly going out but his flirting with other girls?

I really don't know what we are we've been talking on and off for 10months now we've gone on 2 dates we've recently become really close he talks to me more than friends he says he likes me more than a friend but yet I see him commenting and liking this particular girls instagram leaving compliments liking all her pics and leaving kissy emoji on iPhone on her photos when he doesn't even comment on my pics she's also his bestfriend on snapchat so they must be talking a lot on there. Do you guys think it's minor and I'm overreacting or does seem abit weird what do you think I should do?


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  • Um... Sounds like he's manipulating you a little, then again, he may be just 'liking' these photos for a different reason but I could be wrong. Try and ask yourself why his sudden interest in you lately? That strikes me as a little odd, because the reasons underlying his sudden interest are more important than him liking a bunch of photos.


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  • Well he is doing it all in open that's why you know it so I guess he is not trying to hide anything. Which means you are overreacting. You should not do anything...


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