Opinions? Dancing during a late night picnic date?

So tonight, I'm taking this girl, who I've known for 12 years and is an old friend, out on a second date. I'm doing a late night picnic dinner. We live in a small town so there's not really many choices when it comes to being romantic and activities are really scarce. I'm bringing candles, flowers, and a few other things to set the mood.

I was thinking about bringing an ipod with those portable speakers to play romantic music during the picnic.

I was considering asking her to dance sometime during the night. What do you guys think?

Also, any suggestions on songs would be helpful.


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  • If you were my boyfriend this would be a definite win for you! The things you have planned sound so perfect! It's so romantic, cute and warm :3 how could any girl resist? Love it!! Especially dancing under the stares and the candles and flowers... Wow! That's some lucky girl and that's only the second date :)

    Yup, I can tell she's going to love it!


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