Should I try to work things out with him again?

I met my best friends cousin at the beginning of the year. He asked or my number months after and we hung out and starting to have strong feelings for each other. We both have been hurt from the past and have been single for almost 4 years.

Even though I had strong feelings for him, I pushed him away a few times becuase I was scared of getting hurt and he finally stopped giving me chances. My cousin told me that I hurted him really bad to the point where he cried. I felt so bad and wanted to work things out and was trying to apologize. He wasn't having it and basically cut me off and told me that he no longer have feelings for me and told me to stop contacting him and let it go. I did what he said.

Though we still see each other at mutual friends functions but we never acknowledged each other. He was always trying to avoid being within 10 feet of me. It was 3 months of NC and that was hell for me, I think I went into depression.

After getting myself together again, I went to a party where he was at also and I noticed that he's been trying to be around me more. He even played and held my son and he even sat right in front of me at the kitchen counter but we still didn't say anything. But he did jokingly told a friend that him and I bought a house together in front of me!

The next morning he texted me asking to be Friends with benefits with no feelings attached. I said no because I was looking for something serious and scared of catching more feelings for him. He then texted me saying, "My bad, if I made you feel some type of way." Til this day I still have feelings for him and I want us to start fresh but not sure if the feeling is mutual.

Please, what should I do?

Should I try working things out with him again?


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  • "My bad, if I made you feel some type of way." I wouldn't pursue him for a relationship. He doesn't like you that way.
    You can remain friends with him and hope those feelings return to him. It is the best choice or you can cut him off and forget about him.