Which girl would be more appealing?

If you are a single dad with two kids who would you rather be with or rather who seems more appealing?

Keep in mind you are already dating someone (its not exclusive).

  • The girl you are already casually dating has some similiar interests as you but is a serious individual and great with your kids but not in the fun way
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  • Female friend who is semi shy same interests as you but great with your kids and they like her to
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  • A friend who is very outgoing and has similar personality and fun to be around but isn't great with your kids and doesn't seem to try knowing them
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  • Definitely not C. A is too strict (and i suspect has a pretty short temper/is a control freak). How she treats my kids is gonna be how she treats me in the future too. Maybe love is just giving me preferential treatment and immunity for now, but i rather trust girls who are good with kids.

    • I'm not sure why he even started dating A. She's exactly his type "looks" wise but personality wise she's just all about image and she's corrective in the behavior of his kids (a little too strict). They don't seem to share the same interests and he seems to bitch about her to people even strangers! It's awkward. But he still dates her for whatever reason.

      #B is me: I've known him for a bit and in the time I've known him we clicked instantly. I'm somewhat of what he prefers looks wise but not exactly. Personality, I'm shyer than him. But hobbies and the way we would handle things are exactly alike. Plus his kids were naturally drawn to me and I get along with them and they listen to me and behave around me and I know he loves that but im on the bottom of his list of people who he's friends with. He hangs out with everyone else before he'd hang out with me.

      #C is exactly what his type is looks wise. They are both super talkative and bubbly but their interets are mostly different.

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    • Okay I don't care what his deal is anymore. He just freaking ignored you. I know I'd feel really terrible if I get ignored like that in a conversation.

    • It's anything anyone is around even people he hates. Sometimes he'll bring me into his conversations and ignore me

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  • Which one likes anal?

  • Option b all day. Getting along with my is the most important thing to me. Otherwise their life would be hell and that's unacceptable

    • see my comment below. Tell me you think why he chose who he chose. Keep in mind he knew B and C at the same time he started dating A

    • Why he would choose a or c is beyond me. Unless he's more concerned with his happiness that his kids happiness...

    • That's why I wonder. In fact I probably get treated worst. Sure I'm shy but out of the 3 of us ladies me and him are the most similar interests and the way we would handle different things in life. Plus his kids love me in the very little time I've interacted with them and I see the way he looks when I do interact with them and they actually listen to me. I've seen A in action, she barely lets them have any fun cause she's always correcting them, he and her sometimes have the same interests but he always bitches about the bad stuff she does or the irritating things she does and with C, he's always socializing with her more than me and #A cause their both SUPER bubbly and their both very talkative and outgoing people but she has taken no interest in his kids and she's the opposite in terms of interests and view of things. I don't get it...

  • Option B without a doubt

  • Who the kids prefer matters a lot.

    • I agree. The reason why I asked this was because I have a male best friend who've i've always been interested in but when I started developing feelings for him I realized he was dating this current chick. People don't really like her (they dont tell him), she's way too serious and strict with his kids and they don't share the same interests and they aren't always around each other so I don't know why he even bothers. But I'm #B, but I barely see his kids but in the very little time I"ve seen them they remember my name they think i'm funny and they listen to me and they are always happy to see me he loves that by the way he looks at me and his kids interacting but he and i don't hang out (he rarely wants to) and with C girl she's a mutual friend and he interacts with her a hell of a lot more than me but she doesn't give a shit about his kids and doesn't even try talking to him but i don't know why he pays her more attention than me. It's annoying... so I wanted to know what you thought.

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  • The kids like her and they have similar personality

    • Yeah but unfortunately he's still with A when all he does is bitch about her nagging and the annoying things she does. He's never really said anything positive about her. And they barely go out, he'd rather do OT at his job than go hang out with her... he's made comments like that... he even does that when he talks to strangers or people he just met. Regarding me, we are alike in every way we get along well and i get along with his kids but i guess becuase I'm shy by nature and not extroverted... is probably why we don't interact as much as we normally should be doing... cause he's so busy interacting with everyone else like his buddies or people like #C.

    • Oh, well he should really be with girl b because she's goo with his kids and it just makes more sense

    • But he doesn't. Not sure why he's still with A if he's going to do nothing but bitch about her to strangers all the time. Do you think its because he feels like he has no options. He's 39 and he's only had 2 serious relationships in his lifetime (from what I think... not sure) ... he's probably "dated". I don't even think he thinks he's hot or at least he's not used to being told that.