How do you know if you're a couple (boyfriend/girlfriend), or just dating?

If he tells me he really likes me and isn't interested in seeing anyone else, that means we're just exclusively dating right? Not actually boyfriend and girlfriend? Do guys actually ask will you be my girlfriend anymore?


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  • I'm not disagreeing with Tonymoulls opinion on this as personally I would still ask (circumstances depending) but I don't think it's really needed or still done in today's society to the same degree.

    I'd say that if you discussed that you're really into each other and you both want your dating to be mutually exclusive, then that qualifies in my book. if you really want clarification though, my best suggestion is... ask him. If he's a decent guy, he won't be offended or freaked out.

    Hope that helps.


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  • I would say that is just dating, you are a couple when either of you ask the other person to be his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

    And yes we do ask :)


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