How to show her I can be more than a friend?

So I work at BK, and there is this girl that works with me that I like. We both have ADHD related issues (just overall act crazy basically. Like we almost seem insane). So we act crazy when we are working together, and it's always just funny. by the way she is 22 and I am 17, and anyone who finds that disgusting or whatever can just leave this question now. And I want her to see me as more than just a friend. We have been talking via text for a little over a week, and I saw online where she was off tomorrow. I asked her if she had no plans, we could hang out. Her respond was "idk. Maybe :)" so it's a iffy one. I'm gonna ask her again tonight whenever we are both working (I go to work at 5, she gets off at 6:30), if she did or did not want to hang out.
What all is there that I can do to get her to see me as more than a friend? Just over all, I want to know what all I can do to win her over.


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  • As a fellow BK employee, it is against company policy to have anything other that a professional relationship with a coworker. One of you would have to switch stores should you pursue a relationship.

    That being said, hi-fives that last longer than they should, or anything to break the touch barrier is a good way to hint.

    Also, at 17 and 22 you're playing on the line of her just being nice. You are quite a deal younger than she is. I'm dating younger, but I don't think I could go as young as that.

    Good luck to you though.

    • Thank you! But now, just to clarify, from what I have been told in Alabama, this is the rule: people who are related through blood may work together until one of the two becomes a manager. Then, two who are in a marital relationship cannot work together. I'm not sure if it will ever come down to marriage, but if it does I would hope to be out of BK by then. But as far as I know we could be dating and nothing be wrong

    • In Michigan (where I am) blood relationships are allowed to work together. Romantic relationships of any kind are not allowed. Technically, romantic partners, when both on the same level (crew) may work at the same BK but they cannot work the same shift. And when one becomes a manager, they may not work at the same BK period.

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  • Okay so I am 17 also, and my crush right now, is like 25, so realize that I am not trying to be a bitch when I say this: The ages CAN get in your way. DO NOT let it sneak up on you by ignoring it.

    Now, although this does not bother you, IT COULD bother her. You cannot control that. Although it may not be fair, she can reject you because of the fact that you are 5 years younger. There is nothing stopping her from doing that. So you could be at the top of your game and do everything right and STILL not get her.

    Also, I hate to mention it, but it is so true... that not being 18 is a significant barrier. It really is. She is 22, at 22, a relationship means eventual sex... for most. If you guys were to have sex and got caught, she would not want to get in trouble. I swear, you might not see the barrier, but it is there.


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  • well it might be difficult because of the 5 year age gap but if she doesn't mind then you have a chance. just flirt with her and talk to get. have fun conversations get to know her better.

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