Girls!! I need help with finding out if this girl really likes me?

I met this girl online dating about 2 months ago, after 3-4 weeks we met up and it was great! We went and had lunch etc... we spoke on the phone and used to text daily and then she said she needed a break because of work and college.
I said fair enough and left her to it texting her once a week just to see how things were going.
We are now texting daily and have been for the past week and i'm loving it! I think this girl is amazing and i really like her!
We are planning on meeting this weekend for the 2nd time!

Now... sometimes she only texts back if i ask a question but sometimes she randomly texts me in the mornings but not often.

She has said she likes me and that she wants to see me again which i think is soo good! Because i have never been out with a girl before and the date that i went on with this girl is the only date i've ever been on!

Am i worrying too much? All i need is the reassurance that i am worrying and everything will be ok!

And sorry this is so long :')

Quick update... she's a fucking dick!!


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  • well i think you are worrying a bit much but i think everyone does so its ok!:) anyway back to her. i thinks she likes you and likes hanging around you. i would just keep doing things how you are now because it sounds like you are at a good place. its kinda hard to tell without seeing first hand how you two act and react to each ohter. just wait and see what happens! goodluck!

    • Thankyou :) I do worry, being the first girl that i am properly going on dates with i really dont want to loose her. I've been seeing girls in the past but never like this, she is slightly oder too which i like as she is more mature :)
      Thanks again!

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  • I wouldn't worry right now. You have plans to meet, and that's great! Just be relaxed and have fun and be yourself. Maybe she is busy sometimes and can't reply right away, and usually it is guys who do this to girls where we'll text a ton of stuff and get nothing back. I wouldn't base feelings on text messaging patterns, but more about how you interact with her in person. I am older and so more old fashioned. I believe in phone calls, quality one on one time and texting should be "hey i'm on my way" or "just wanted to say hi" and not for much more than that but, meh I'm old school lol. Good luck, and don't worry. Have fun!

    • In person, we get along really well! There is never an awkward silence, we are always talking and you can tell she is listening.
      I would love to talk to her more often on the phone but she is always busy untill the evenings and by then she is either in bed or asleep :')
      I'm sure once we see eachother more and more then things will start to slot together and it will all feel right!
      I do believe in the old school ways though ;) haha.

      Thankyou for the advise :)

  • Take it slowly and see how things go, but you can't really like a really from texting or talking on the phone you have to hang out with that person

    • Its going well so far i think, nothing is being rushed and we are always planning on when we can next meet and when we both have time off work to meet etc...
      Thanks :)

  • I would say that she likes you, sometimes I purposely avoid texting or talking to a guy first because I'm afraid it will make me seem desperate for their attention. If you are both looking for a relationship and she wants to see you again then it's a good sign that she's interested but you really can't know if it will work out until after being together for a few months at least. I would say take it slow just to make sure you don't get hurt and see how it goes. (: Good luck

    • Thankyou :) hearing that girls do that with texting on purpose... maybe she is doing the same! I'm the kinda guy that loves attention from the girl i like, if she wants to see me every day then sure why not! Obviously i dont cancel plans just to meet girls! But i just think its really nice that a girl would want to see me that often.

      Yeah things are going slow for now, i dont want to get hurt if things dont work out so yeah i'll take it as it comes :) Thanks again

  • You need to spend a lot of tkme together in person


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  • nice scooter bro. L for learners permit right? and by the way don't overthink anything just go with the flow and be yourself and stay confident and you should be fine.

    • thanks man! Yeah L for learner... not for long though!

      Thanks for the advise, I do worry way too much about other things so i should have knows i was worrying. Thankyou :)

  • hahaha don't worry so much. she clearly likes you very much. just enjoy your time with her.

    • Thankyou Pedro, its good to hear positive stuff like this :)

    • you're welcome, if you need anything else please feel free to message me.