Why are so many girls attracted to Caucasian?

I think all ethnics are attractive. But some girls are too desperate. It's sad but true. I like Ansel Elgort, not because he's English. But because he has a nice skin complexion and he has cute lips :)


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  • Well, every single question about these sort of things seem to contradict. One second its "Everyone likes blacks", then it's "Everyone loves asians" and now it's "Everyone's after whites". What's next?


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  • This is something I've been really interested in. I'm a Hispanic male and I'm attracted mostly to Hispanic and white females. Everyone now and then I'll see a black or Asian woman who is striking, but I'm just attracted to what I'm attracted to. I think there's two factors at work - 1. What you grow up around, and 2. Popular media.

    The more I go the more I think that popular media portrayals of white women as the prize just kinda shapes male attraction, regardless of the male's background. If you look around - white, black, Hispanic, Asian men - they all really want white women. I'm not saying it's because white women are more beautiful. I'm saying it's because our culture - TV, movies, ads - they've taught us that certain types of features (smaller facial features, colored eyes, lighter skin) are more beautiful than others, and white women are usually the ones with those features. It goes reverse as well - white men are the most desired subgroup. Black boys and Hispanic boys grow up watching pretty white girls be the heartthrobs or the grand prize, so we end up with that notion. I'm of course very attracted to Hispanic girls because that's what I grew up around too, but yep, to answer your specific question: white guys are in general more attracted to white girls, like most guys are. This goes double for white guys though because they also grew up around white girls.

  • Because they're the best.

  • Because they look the best.

    • Wow.

    • Just realized how racist that sounded lol. Anyways, I'm not sure where you live, but Western culture is Caucasian dominated. So features found predominantly in white men are considered ideal. Most main characters in films are white. Most models are white. It's sad, but it's very true.

    • Sort of. But yeah, I get where you're coming from.

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  • Ansel Elgort is adorable. But idk, I've noticed a lot of girls prefer white guys, but I'm white and I personally like all races for the most part.

  • I don't know girl lol brainwashing I guess.

    • I know right. Gosh, I meant to thumbs up *thumbs up* ^.^

  • Because they are the majority. Nothing more to it than that. If Africans or Asians were the majority in this country, people would want them the most.
    There have been many times through out world history, where every race has had a "run" in terms who's the most desired.
    Tomorrow it could be the Turkish. Who knows?

    Besides everyone generally ends up with their own race.

  • White guys are more likely to have blue/green eyes which I love especially with dark hair and nice pale skin 😍

    • Nope. My family has blue, green, hazel, gray, and brown eyes. That's bs

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    • When I say people of color I mean all the other ethnicities that aren't white. Thats a lot to type. Please don't try to make this a racial argument...

    • There are a lot of non-white people with colored eye. You sound very puerile. Good day. I don't have time to debate with people who aren't intelligent.

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