I feel like she hinted for a kiss all night, but when I'm going to make my move, she just... leaves.Is it just me or was it something else?

So I asked her if she wanted to shoot billiards. We settled on after she got off work.

Fun Fact: We work together.

We had already gone out once (movies and chowder), but I'm not too sure if she felt like it was a date or not, or if she was just making me work.

Anyway, I vacuumed the car & sprayed Febreze so she'd would feel more relaxed in a fresh smelling car.

She was sporting a nicer top than usual (she usually wears a t-shirt) and she untied her pony tail. Good sign she wanted to look nice? I felt so.

But, I could also smell her. It had obviously been a long day. That and her breath wasn't the freshest. It wasn't offensive, just noticeable. I didn't want to embarrass her, but maybe I should've popped a stick of gum as a super subtle hint. Monkey-see-monkey-do. Oh well.

The night went well. We talked about our lives, work, birds, & fear of manikins.

She brought up these two co-workers that were seeing each other and I figured she was hinting for something to happen that night. "It must be nice to be w/ someone there." Yes, yes.

At one point she was getting cold, but refused my jacket. I guess she felt weird about it? I dunno.

We played four games and enjoyed a couple drinks during. She had something fruity, I had a hard cider.

We exchanged banter and what not, but was the most enticing was whenever one of us took a shot (at the ball), she said something along the lines of, "You have future opportunities", "they're more spread out", "there are some shots you can take".

These were the "hints" I thought she was giving out so I planned to make my move at the end of the night, but when I dropped her off, she sort of... got out of the car.

She got out to look for her water bottle, we exchanged "goodnights", and she walked away.

I guess my timing was off or maybe I should have done it sooner, I dunno.

We'll definitely hang out again and maybe then I'll just go for it if the moment feels right.

-What you strangers think?


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  • She didn't hint anything. Most girls would shower and brush their teeth, that's for one.
    And she refused your jacket. I would take the jacket of a good guy friend even so maybe she doesn't feel close to you. And saying "you have a future" or something isn't dropping any kind of hint! She didn't say "you have a future with me."
    I say let it go, she isn't interested


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  • Uh dude. She didn't hint at all that she liked you.
    She refused your jacket. If a girl likes a guy, she wouldn't refuse his jacket.
    The thing she said was friendly.

    Looking way too much in to it.

  • you are over thinking the situation... she is not into you, you can either hang out more and get to know each other better before you start thinking she likes you cause you are only going to end up hurting yourself.


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