How do I stop being crazy and emotional so I can get a boyfriend?

I just get over emotional, tears well up in my eyes, I feel hurt, and I just lash out at people.
I don't mean to be annoying. But things hurt me.
I'm not whining about everything. I'm just a genuine person, who has lot of opinions.


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  • Everyone has opinions. That doesn't mean then you have to express every single one of them to everybody else.

    And further, you don't have to react and act out every emotion you have. Self control can be learned. It's not about suppressing or ignoring your emotions but rather to understand them and understand that you don't have to act on every emotion that pops up.

    And if you easily get hurt it is likely that you take many things very personal and have strong attachments to how things play out.

    Meditation is a good start to get emotional clarity.
    Every emotion is generated by you and not something that is inflicted upon you. Be the director and not just the actor who plays out every script automatically on cue without reflection.


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  • Try yoga! It has worked wonders for my mind body... And sex life haha