Is this normal? Never done it before now?

I have a friends with benefits thing going on for the past 8 months we have texted and called each other every day since and met up etc we care for each other and he has even told me he got jealous when I told him about a guy I might be renting a room out to , I told him this guy isn't my type !! And he said " well you said I wasn't your type tho? " . Which I did tell him that at when we first chatted but what I meant was he wasn't my type as in he was cocky lol , not as in looks because he is. He says he's gotten attached to me even tho we live 200 mikes apart. When we meet the sex is amazing and I do miss him when he leaves :( he told me today he might come across cold but he's not he just finds it hard to show emotion , does this seem like a normal friends with benefits to you? We get on so well I do have feelings for him but not in love maybe lust but I care tho , what do you think?

Miles apart *


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  • It's very reasonable to expect feelings to develop out of such a relationship


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