How many people have ever told you they liked you, and wanted to date you?

I feel like this is kind of a dumb question, but I really curious what the average is.

Ok, so I'll start. I'm 18, and have had 13 guys tell me they liked me, and wanted to date me.

Is this normal, average, above average?

I meant to include below average in my question too.


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  • its average but I'm not as old as you so I had about 11 that I actually went out with them. I have guys constantly tryin to talk to me if you know what I mean, as they are every girl so I would count that.


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  • :(

    no one has ever told me they actually like me, but I've been told of 1 time that someone liked me :3

    • I think it would be a little different for guys though. Girls usually wait for the guy to say something first. So don't worry lol :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I've had 3 guys tell me they like me directly, and about 5 other guys I know for sure liked me because they're friends told me. None of them said they wanted to date me though.

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